Custom Splitboard

CAD $1,700

The best splitboard for you is one built for you. Exegi's splitboards are designed from the ground up to be splitboards. Our long experience in the use of carbon fiber allows us to achieve responsibly lightweight splitboards and terrific days in the backcountry. You'll get the best lines ever.



Splitboards are somewhat paradoxical. They are supposed to work great in powder except snow conditions can range from awesome blower pow to crust to snot to windslab. Let’s not talk about the skin-out or bobsled track out.

Splitboards are supposed to be snowboards, but the dirty little secret is that you actually spend a large percentage of the time skiing. They have to perform well in uphill, as well as better than anyone admits when going downhill or traversing in split mode. They also have to be exemplary when in solid downhill mode.

Remember that everyone weighs 20 kilos more than they normally do because of their pack, gear, food, and water, so boards have to perform as if for a heavier rider – and one who is often tired.

Having a heavy splitboard is tiring, frustrating, and discouraging, but, having a broken light snowboard can be at best embarrassing, leading to a long walk out. At worst it can be dangerous and leave you trying to prepare for an unplanned winter camping trip.

Exegi’s splitboards offer exhilarating performance and unparalleled reliability by using a responsibly lightweight approach to construction and design.

Each splitboard purchase includes two pucks and will arrive ready to ride.