Carbon Fiber Pucks

CAD $100

Exegi pucks are available as bare pucks, either 2 per board or 4 per board, and require user installation and drilling. Pricing is per pair of pucks. Note that Exegi's carbon fiber splitboards are made to work with Voile bindings. Exegi pucks are stiff and lightweight, fetaure a carbon fiber / epoxy oriented fiber layup, and have a natural finish.



Splitboard pucks are the interface between the binding and the joined up splitboard. There are currently two main standards for this interface. There is the Voile system, and the Karakoram system. The Voile system’s pucks are typically made from glass reinforced nylon. Aftermarket pucks are made of similar materials.

The puck interface is the current weak link in the splitboard “control chain”. Any slop in the puck to binding interface allows the board to wiggle underfoot, making for disconcerting handling. This can, however, usually be adjusted to be a bit better. Flex in the puck is much more of an issue. Puck flex allows for significant torsional board deflections and unstable handling of the snowboard.

Exegi’s pucks are made of carbon fiber laid up in an epoxy matrix. They are significantly stiffer and slightly lighter than other offerings on the market. They are available in a single piece for each binding to allow for the greatest binding puck surface area, or in pairs per binding, allowing for easier installation but with a corresponding loss of contact surface area.

The durability of Exegi pucks is second to none.