Exegi has been building skis and snowboards for over 25 years. In our experience, the most important thing to get right is matching the design of the board or skis to the rider. Exegi does this by maximizing the technology advantages provided through high quality design and materials. Check out the overview of our build process below, or click the links to drill down into the details of what we do to build our boards.

Our Build Process

Exegi takes advantage of the weight reduction opportunities of carbon fiber, but in a responsible way. The goal is to make sensibly light skis and boards that have superior performance characteristics for the individual rider. Exegi also utilizes a single seam triax carbon construction on all boards and skis. This construction eliminates discrete sidewalls and their associated propensity to delaminate, while increasing load transfer from the bottom/top/side facings.

The use of full width 2 mm steel edges and one piece sintered racing bases for long term durability and performance is further enhanced by Kevlar lacing of the individual edge tees. Edge tear out has never happened in 25 years. Seriously. Edges have been broken, bent, smashed, but none has ever torn out.

Skis and boards are laid up using a two-phase epoxy resin optimized to enhance toughness and core and facing peel resistance.

Full length, pre-cambered, horizontally laminated sitka spruce cores are built on site for individual customers. Cores utilize customer-specific 3D thickness optimizations and localized reinforcements to deal with stress concentrations due to binding inserts or screw requirements.

Our topsheets are natural carbon fiber, with options for natural wood veneer in appropriate cases.

Width and edge contact lengths are fully customized according to performance envelope requirements.

Sidecut geometry, camber profile, and tip and tail geometry are carefully integrated with longitudinal and torsion stiffness parameters to make sure our customers get the gear they need.