One piece sintered racing bases

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Sintered Graphite Racing Base

One piece, sintered, graphite infused, racing bases give the best wax absorption durability and speed.

One Piece Base. No Die Cuts

Exegi exclusively uses one piece bases.  We refuse to cut up the base of a ski or snowboard to enhance graphic appeal.  It makes no sense to take a tough, slippery surface whose primary functions are to protect and slide easily, then cut it up into a bunch of pieces that are easier to damage and don’t slip as well.

Sintered Graphite Bases

Sintered bases have higher molecular weight/density than extruded ones.  This makes them harder and more durable than extruded bases while absorbing more wax.  The graphite infused stuff works a little better in cold/dry snow as it reduces friction due to static electricity.  Colours come, as Henry Ford would put it: “any colour you want, as long as it’s black."