CAD $1,200

If you are a high performance rider looking for unrivaled edge grip, fast edge to edge response, and powerful, high speed carved turns then this is the board for you.



There are a lot more groomer days than powder days. Exegi’s carving boards give high performance riders a terrific tool for those days where off piste powder is not on the menu.

This is a narrow envelope niche tool! It’s highly cambered, long, narrow, and torsionally stiff. It has a nearly invisible tip and tail and the resulting aggressive turn-in characteristics do not behave nicely in moguls or soft off piste environments!  Good (or even decent…) grooming, combined with one of our high performance carving boards will yield eye watering speed with superb stability, edge grip, easily altered turn radii, and instantaneous response.

These boards are typically mounted with plate style bindings and ridden with hard shell boots. They are reinforced and engineered to handle these higher loads. Of course all design parameters can be tuned to ensure the ultimate high performance approach to your riding needs.